Environmental Solutions

Our primary objective is to promote environmentally sustainable and responsible solutions for the processing and disposal of contaminated and impacted soils. We deliver practical knowledge with a proven ability in providing cost-effective solutions by utilising our extensive network of Licenced Facilities and Best Practice reuse sites to minimise risk for our clients.

Lantrak Environmental Solutions provide a turnkey solution for the civil construction, development and government industries. Our clients benefit by having access to the extensive Lantrak Network which provides a complete and integrated range of services and project management solutions.

Contaminated Soil Removal

With experience managing the safe removal and disposal of Category A, B and C material, as well as; Asbestos, Lead, Hydrocarbons, Oil, Petrochemicals, Arsenic, PASS (Potential Acid Sulphate Soil) & ASS (Acid Sulphate Soil), and sea shell and other hazardous materials, let Lantrak help you with your contaminated soil removal.

Through consultation with our clients, we understand the unique requirements of each project undertaken and tailor a best-practice action plan. We have a strong awareness of planning, environmental and regulatory requirements which allows us to evaluate and develop strategies to meet the needs of our clients and the wider community.

Our Process

The process Lantrak use to manage the removal and disposal of impacted soils is a simple three step process; Perform and Environmental Site Assessment (including soil testing if required), Create an Action Plant and then Validate the Actions performed.

From the supply and disposal of a wide range of material, to delivering comprehensive rehabilitation and remediation solutions, Lantrak Environmental Solutions have the network, resources and flexibility to ensure an innovative, long-term sustainable solution for your project.

Areas We Cover

Our Environmental Solutions are available across the East-Coast of Australia, including Melbourne, Geelong, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney.