The Site Location;

The land is situated on the southern side of the Ipswich Rosewood Road at Jeebropilly. It is made up of a number of small lots which in total cover 360 hectares of Land. A portion of this land is to be utilized as Landfill.

Reason for choosing this land

The land is currently utilized as an open cut coal mine, and the operation will cease in 2019. The remaining void space on completion is considered a suitable option for reuse as a landfill operation, as part of the overall rehabilitation of the mine site.

The future zoning and town planning scheme for the land is suitable for the planned proposal, and conceptual planning and design will be complimentary to future use, which includes community recreational usage.

What is the intended use?

Lantrak are looking for a replacement site for the current construction and demolition waste facility at Swanbank, due to the available capacity being limited. While the predominant use will be for the Landfilling of residual dry wastes and limited regulated wastes generated from the construction and demolition industry, there will be ancillary operations such as resource recovery and recycling by mechanical and labour means, to minimize the amount of reusable material being disposed of in the landfill cell. The resource recovery plays an important role with the planned re-implementation of a waste levy in Queensland.

Waste types received

Waste generated from the construction and demolition industry, including some dry commercial industrial waste, low level contaminated soils, and limited regulated waste. There will be NO food/putrescible waste as generated from curbside collection, or commercial businesses. This would be reflected in the lack of odour being emitted from the landfill, and the lack of birds scavenging.

Waste received will be will be generated in the south east area of Queensland which includes Ipswich, Brisbane, Sunshine & Gold Coast and also west to Toowoomba and the downs. Included also will be Tweed Coast Region.

There will be no planned inputs of C&D waste generated in the metropolitan region of NSW. The Swanbank facility currently excludes this waste, and has done so for a number of years.

Community and Environmental concerns

There are many studies being completed so that the engineering, design, construction, operation and closure of the facility will comply with all the regulatory requirement, to mitigate any potential environmental harm.


The proposed operating hours will be limited to 6.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Saturday, and closed on Sundays and public holidays. Due to the current mining operation working multiple shifts, and with larger and more equipment, it is anticipated the noise emissions from proposed facility will reduce, even though more road going trucks will frequent this site. Noise studies are being completed to verify this.

There will be addition visual and noise buffers installed in the form screening utilizing local native tree and shrub species. These will be placed in rehabilitated areas between the operation and residential zones.


Dust will be controlled in a number of ways. There will be a large area of the site rehabilitated so that vegetation covering the once bare land reduces windblown dust from these areas.

The dust generated from traffic areas will be controlled by the use of selected road topping, traffic management, and frequent watering by the onsite water truck. Dust generated from any processing equipment will be managed by other appropriate means such as watering system and covering methods.


A traffic study is being completed to establish the impacts of the proposed numbers of vehicles that will utilize and access the site via Ipswich – Rosewood Road.


A groundwater study is being completed to assist in design and operation of the proposed facility, identify potential impacts and control measures.


Due to the types of waste received there will be no odour emitted additional to what would be normally generated at a construction site or from the excavation in a building site. Odour is normally generated as a result of high inputs of organics such as food waste, which will not be an accepted waste at this facility.


Once again, due to the nature of the materials accepted excluding food waste there will be no marked difference to the locally occurring species.

Lantrak Staff

Lantrak will operate this facility with the majority of staff being full time employees, which live local to the area, as they do in the current facility at Swanbank. Lantrak will continue to employ local people who are suitably qualified for the positions required. From time to time there will be additional contract works required and local businesses will be given the first opportunity to provide for this.

Final land use

While there are a number of final uses available for this land given the zoning and town planning scheme, Lantrak ultimately wish to provide a large portion back for recreational use. There is a visual conceptual design, of what could be located on the set area, it would depend on community needs the final outcome. Consideration is being given to the final use in the planning and design of the facility, so that it is complimentary to the proposed use.

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